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If you are looking for a totally unique mod that packs plenty of power into a micro-sized form, look no further than the Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit. Tesla already has a great name in the vape industry for building reliable and top-quality products that don’t leak and perform well.

This little 100W gem is no different and has a number of great features that make it a great choice among starter kits.

The Design

The Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit is part of an increasing number of mods that are getting smaller and smaller.

About half the size of other 100W box mods, it fits easily into your pocket and the palm of your hand.

The orientation of the tank being seated down into the case also contributes to its impressively petite size.

The button orientation is slightly different from that of other mods, using a top mounted firing button that falls naturally under the curve of your fingers as you hold the box.

It is comfortable and lightweight without really sacrificing any of the capacity that you would expect from similar mods.


Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kits Overall, the Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit is just a smaller version of Tesla’s other vaping technologies.

It includes all of the advanced features that come with other Tesla mods, including bottom cooling ports to keep your batteries and device safe, the custom Stealth tank that is designed for small-scale devices such as this, temperature control features and more.

The chipset in this box is just as capable as any other and the whole thing really does perform as if its size was just a matter of coincidence. We promise you won’t be disappointed with the power and flavor you get out of this thing.

Other Thoughts The Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit is really a great place to begin if you want an introduction to temperature control, but you aren’t ready to take on some of the heftier, more complex devices out there.

This box has a limited number of settings and configurations that have already been programmed for safety and quality.

It is a comfortable device starter kit for people of all sizes, unlike some of the large mods that are difficult to handle even for people with big hands, and the battery life is impressive giving it consistent power.

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